Preparation ASEAN Plus Fire Chief Forum
1 Juli 2013

1.       Picture from left to right :

  1. Jon Vendri: West Jakarta Fire Chief -  JFSDM (Jakarta Fire Services and Disaster Management Handling Agency)
  2. Rahmat Kristantio: Central Jakarta – JFSDM, Vice President SFPE Indonesian Chapter, Founder member of IFRF (Indonesian Fire & Rescue Foundation)
  3. Dato Soiman from FRDM (Fire & Rescue Department Malaysia)
  4. Shirley Ramesh from the ASEAN Secretariat Office
  5. Subejo: Jakarta Fire Commissioner, Chairman of APKI (Indonesian Fire Services Association)
  6. Dato’ Wan: Director General FRDM
  7. Peter P Petrus: Chairman IFRF, President Chapter SFPE, Founder and Director of IFPA
  8. Rimawati : Head of Public Participation JFSDM

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