8 Juni 2015

We on behalf of Asia-Oceania Chapters Coordination Group of SFPE, Indonesia Fire & Rescue Foundation & Indonesia Fire Services Association offer our deepest condolence to brave firemen of India who laid their lives for serving the greatest cause in the mankind called humanity. We pay our homage to martyrs Late Mr. Sunil Nesrikar, Late Mr. Sudhir Amin, Late Mr. M N Desai and S W Rane who laid their lives while combating fire at Kalbadevi Mumbai in a building. We are deeply saddened by the incident. The brave hearts are the winners and heroes and their sacrifice can never be forgotten by the history of mankind.

We recall our association with Mr. Nesrikar who happened to meet us in Hong Kong & China. He was a man of brilliant stature who had earlier shown highest degree of courage during the fire of “Lotus Business Park” in 2014 and for that he was nominated for President Medal. He was courageous, brave and motivator for his follow fire officers. Likewise Deputy Chief Fire Officer Mr. S.W. Amin, a President`s gold medal awardee, has also set highest standard of bravery. We cannot forget to mention two brave firemen Mr. M.M. Desai and Mr. S.W. Rane whose courageous efforts saved others lives at the cost of their own on that tragic day.

We all here are deeply shocked and grieved but all we can say that it was the act of supreme act & example of bravery, courage and duty. We all here, salute to the brave hearts & pray our heartfelt tribute to them.

SFPE Asia-Oceania Chapters Coordinating Group
Peter Placidus Petrus

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