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Firehawk M7 Air Mask from MSA

Product Description

MSA’s new FireHawk M7 Air Mask represents a true technological achievement in critical personal protection. As firefighters determined the safety requirements that would be needed to meet the new NFPA 1981 and 1982–2007-edition standards, MSA’s engineering teams began designing the solutions.

The new FireHawk M7 Air Mask emerged with seven life-safety design components built on a modular Air Mask platform, developed to exceed the new NFPA 2007 requirements and provide firefighters with the highest-quality SCBA currently available.

• Weight with empty H-30 cylinder (including batteries) is 20 lbs-8 oz
• Battery life of electronics > 1 year with frequent use (standard alkaline cells)
• RFI shielding up to 50v/m radio signal load across an 80 MHz to 2.5 GHz range
• PASS heat alarm performance > 95 dB @ 500°F
• Water immersion protection – M7 electronics at 5 ft. depth for 1 hour
• Air delivery – manufactured to the NFPA standard 320 lpm rate; design qualified at twice NFPA rate (640 lpm) cyclic breathing
• Data-logging – most recent 25-hours-of-use information
• Electronic ID tagging (RFID) standard with M7 Accountability System
• Optional equipment: Rescue Belt rappelling system (50 ft. & 75 ft.), MSA Accountability System, Extend-Aire and Quick-Fill emergency breathing systems, Push-to-connect or Slide-to-connect regulator attachments, swiveling lumbar pad and chest-strap.
• Standard equipment includes: Facepiece cross-contamination check-valve, thermal alarm, time-remaining display, wireless programming and network, front & rear buddy lights, auto-dim HUD, large drag-carrying handles, stainless steel cylinder band with cam-lock system.