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G-XTREMEâ„¢ Turnout Fire Jacket

It took hundreds of hours of interviews with the nation's toughest firefighters, breakthroughs in ergonomic design from a renowned university professor, and the engineering skills of the nation's most experienced manufacturer to develop G-XTREME™ – the most advanced turnout gear ever.

No restrictions. Built not only to provide maximum protection and durability, but also designed to move the way the human body moves – without restriction – enabling you to push the limits of performance, with less stress and less fatigue. Move freely. Step up or kneel down without restriction.

The revolutionary G-XTREME pants allow for the added length you need in the knee and seat. Move your arms forward freely. Our AXTION™ back provides added length across your back for you to work in front of you without restriction. Reach up with no constraint. G-XTREME adds length under the sleeve and attaches the wrister to the liner so that you move freely. The list of design enhancements goes on and on.