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Southcombe Firemaster IV Glove Safeguarded by Kovenex®

Kovenex® fabrics offer a superior alternative to traditional thermal barriers in personal protective equipment. Gloves safeguarded by Kovenex are appropriate for multiple uses in industrial and firefighting environments, including structural firefighting, extrication, rope/rescue, welding, metal processing, motorsports and others.

Kovenex offers an inherently flame-resistant blend of non-chemically treated performance fibers that provide outstanding heat-blocking qualities. Tested to NFPA standards, gloves safeguarded by Kovenex carry Thermal Protective Performance (TPP) up to 60 cal/cm2.

Kovenex performance fabrics are flexible, durable and offer cut and sharps protection in addition to protection from heat and flame. No other thermal barrier on the market provides as much heat protection while maintaining a high level of dexterity. Our stitch-bonding process improves tear strength and abrasion resistance, making Kovenex an appropriate thermal barrier/liner for multiple styles of gloves.