China Fire Expo 2017
7 Agustus 2017 China Fire is a 4 day event being held from 5th September to the 8th September 2017 at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing, China. This event showcases product from Fire Vehicle, Rescue Equipment to Personal Equipment for Firefighters and Fire products for Buildings. 601 exhibitors had taken part in the 2015 event. This year China Fire committee is ready to welcome leading professionals from fire industry. Different high quality fire equipments will be exhibited in this show, including Fire Engines, Fire Robots, Fire Aerocraft, Fire Motorcycle, Fire Tank, Fire Pumps, Fire Protective Equipment for Fire Fighters, Fire Nozzle & Monitors, Fire Communication Commanding System, Fire Detection, Alarm, Hydraulic Rescue, Calking and Transportation, Detergent Equipment, Fire lighting Equipment, Poison Prevention and Smoke Evacuation System and Equipment.

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